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CK October 10, 2008 03:28

Advanced FSI Simulation
Hi All, GMO from Flow-3D only allow one direction FSI simulation. Soid deformation/stress due to fluids pressure is not considered. so, anyone know how to export Flow-3D transient fluids pressure to Abaqus or Ansys for advance stress or displacement analysis.

Rgds CK

MAB October 10, 2008 05:56

Re: Advanced FSI Simulation
something similar is done in

see the last slide. I am not sure what is the procedure..

CK October 11, 2008 08:02

Re: Advanced FSI Simulation
MAB thanks for the presentation, but do you have details information on how to transfer the fluids pressure from Flow-3D to Abaqus/Ansys for details stress/deformation analysis?

Rgds CK

FB Moon November 2, 2008 23:11

Re: Advanced FSI Simulation
To run abaqus or ansys simulation, you need the node pressure information from the FLOW-3D result. To extract the pressure information in FLOW-3D, you could output the pressure information at the nodes at "Analyze Tab" and "Neutral File Tab". You could have the detail info. in "the on-line FLOW-3D Manual - Exporting Neutral File Data".

CK November 4, 2008 05:35

Re: Advanced FSI Simulation
Moon Thanks for the info, but seem like no easy way to incorporate both FEA and CFD solver like Ansys-CFX or Star-CD.

Rgds CK

FB Moon November 9, 2008 22:09

Re: Advanced FSI Simulation
Yes, That is true. there is No EASE way. But If you try, you would know that is Not So complicated. There is the other way to use FLOW-3D Text output data. IF You would use your own program to export FLOW-3D data to FEM Solver, you could make it.

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