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MAB October 21, 2008 09:54

Postprocessing GMO
I have simulated my moving device in waves. Now when I try to visualise it in posprocessor I can hardly see the device...instead it seams like a little square cell whcih move with the waves.

My question is how to visualize the detail of this object. Do i need more finer mesh around the device for this. or something else is required. My question is for both options including 2D view and 3D view. Thanking in advance.

HC October 21, 2008 10:35

Re: Postprocessing GMO
Just like you said, one possible way is to use finer mesh so that the object is well resolved.

Another issue could be about the subcomponent itself. If it is an STL file, it would always be a good practice to check if there are errors inside the file, like holes or wrong normals at some facets. v9.3 includes some tools (minimagics and admesh) to help users to check the STL files.

Michael Barkhudarov October 21, 2008 23:49

Re: Postprocessing GMO
Looks like the resolution is too coarse to capture the details of the moving object. If it is an STL, you can also display the STL object in 3D plots in FLOW-3D 9.3. Just check the STL box on the 3D tab.


MAB October 22, 2008 13:22

Re: Postprocessing GMO
Thanks Michael. Now it looks gorgeous.

Michael Barkhudarov October 23, 2008 09:29

Re: Postprocessing GMO
Sounds good, I hope the coarse mesh was sufficient to adequately capture the forces on the GMO.

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