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fathan November 15, 2008 08:48

import STL got problem
Dear all, i have problem with insert STL, i use 3DMaxs software to create stl but in flowvu i cant see my obstacle.. any body can share or got same problem with me, please reply

Stefano November 17, 2008 03:46

Re: import STL got problem
hello Fathan, I think the .stl is not well exported by 3DSMax or it has some strange connection like double vertex, double faces, vertex not totally coincident, etc... You can fix them by using admesh (Linux), or any other software that fix .stl. You'll see that you'll can resolve your problem. But... is your mesh fine enough to resolve the geometry?

aimin March 10, 2010 18:29

STL viewer(flow Vu)
dear fathan:

I have the same problem as you and just want to know how do you solve this problem?

I exported .stl file from Solidworks and UG, I can add them into Flow-3D by using geometry file features under meshing geometry, but I can NOT see my 3D model in Flow VU

appreciate very much for any advise

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