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Xizao Yang November 27, 2008 22:59

Fluid Concentration Modeling
Hi, does anyone know how to model concentrations in Flow 3D (The version I am using is 9.0)? The default setting in FLOW-3D does not provide the option for fluid concentrations. I looked up in the help manual and figured that "sclbc(n,ns)" is the code suitable for my condition. So, I added this code to my boundary conditions in the text input file. The model is not time dependent, and the goal is to see how concentration of polluted water dilutes as it enters to mix with clean water (C=0) and then discharge at outflow. The problem is the concentration contour did not show up in the 2D contour output with that code alone. Though "Scalar 1 Concentration" did show up after adding "iscour1=1" to scalar component, nothing is shown in the contour. Also, I am not sure if iscour1 is a valid code for this problem, since I found it in Flow 3D Sediment Scour example.

Please offer some comments if you happen to know the problem. Thank you very much!


Stefano December 4, 2008 10:43

Re: Fluid Concentration Modeling
hello Xizao, iscour1 is not for a general use, but specific for the Sediment Scour model. For general use, like a pollution, I think you have to add in the 'scalar' namelist: nsc=1, isclr(1)=3, scltit(1)='Pollution',

And sclbc() for the b.c. as you did. This is for 9.2, but you can try this code on 9.0 and see if it works. Maybe the variable names are not changed. Let me know..

Xizao Yang December 6, 2008 03:33

Re: Fluid Concentration Modeling
Thank you, Stefano. It worked well after I gave it a try today. Really appreciate your help!!

Also, is it possible to incorporate the "First Order Decay Kinetics Equation" (or some other equivalent) into FLOW-3D to decrease/"clean" the concentration/pollution of the fluid as it travels from inlet to outlet?

Thanks Xizao

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