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Tony December 1, 2008 07:55

Fluent boundary conditions

i am trying to model simple flow in a pipe with a cavity.

my boundary conditions are

inlet: 0.1mpa (absolute pressure) turbulence intensity 5% turbulence length scale 66.00mm mass flow rate 0.305kg/s


atmospheric pressure i.e. guage=0 turbulence intensity 0.1% length scale 0.66mm

wanting to have a mass flow inlet and 0 guage pressure outlet but having problems solving as fluent is giving me errors-'absolute pressure limted' and ' problem with amg solver:pressure'

i am using second order wind solvers and the k epsilon turbulence model.

canyone help?

Tom December 4, 2008 01:39

Re: Fluent boundary conditions
Seems you're in the wrong forum...if you're using Fluent, go to that forum for help. It's just next door...

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