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CK December 6, 2008 08:53

High pressure water jet
HI is anyone did high pressure water jet simulation before (VOF+ turbulent). pressure that used in my simulation is ~200Psi-300Psi and simulation is slow due to VOF advection where time step is ~1e-7. It took 30hrs to reach 0.001s in simulation time (4 CPU SMP version) but total simualtion time needed is 20s.So anyone can help to speed up my simulation.

Rgds CK

michael barkhudarov December 7, 2008 01:33

Re: High pressure water jet

Typically too small a time step size is an indication that the user is trying to include processes that are not important, that is, the problem could, perhaps, be simplified. In this case the fluid velocity is very large, ~20 m/sec. What are you trying to caputure in 20 seconds?

CK December 9, 2008 00:29

Re: High pressure water jet
HI Michael i'm trying to simulation cleaning effect with water jet + GMO. i already slimpify the model to only nozzle tip but still encountered the similar problem in time step.

Rgds CK

michael barkhudarov December 10, 2008 10:19

Re: High pressure water jet
ok, CK. So you have a high pseed jet, which probably sweeps the domain in a milisecond. What is happening for the rest of the 20 seconds run? What is the role of the GMO?


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