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Julien Pralong January 6, 2009 11:58

Ending condition
Dear users,

I would like to make Flow-3D stop my simulations as the mentor mentions that the flow is nearly steady. I have tried IHELP = 2 which means the mentor takes actions, but it does not work.

I would like to understand how Flow 3D defines the flow steady state in order to mention my stability criterion if it is possible. And then I need to know which parameter to set in the prepin file in order to make the solver stop as the stability criterion is reached.

Thanks a lot


michael barkhudarov January 8, 2009 19:09

Re: Ending condition

Currently there is no way to automatically stop the solver when a stady-state condition is reached, but we hope to have in the upcoming release, version 9.4. The criteria for steady-state is taken as the fluid volume, mean kinetic and turbulent energy, thermal energy and some other integral quantities (when applicable) are not changing much over a certain period of time. Their relative changes are reported by the mentor during the simulation.


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