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Frank D. January 7, 2009 12:49

Postprocessing - Create JPEG's without GUI.

I would like to know if Flow-3d can automatically create 2-D images at the end of a simulation without opening the gui to render them. At the end of a run, I would like to have images of 10 time slices by 30 cut planes (300 images). I am running Flow-3d remotely on a machine that does not have a graphis card.

Thanks in advance,

Frank D.

Jim Higgs January 9, 2009 01:06

Re: Postprocessing - Create JPEG's without GUI.
Frank, I do not know if current versions can make jpegs, but older versions could make bmps (bitmaps). I do not see that option in 9.3.1 help files. You probably should set up a short test run to be sure it works the way you want to.

I recommend you go to the help files/manual, and look up INPUT VARIABLE SUMMARY > GRAPHIC OUTPUT (GRAFIC) > Graphic Output: Contour Plots to learn how to set up the plots.

Then look in the help files TUTORIAL > RUNNING FLOW-3D > Running FLOW-3D from the Command Line > Display program: PLTFSI and FLOWPLOT

Good luck! Jim Higgs

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