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CK January 12, 2009 00:01

SMP Scaling Capabilities
All I understand that scaling for SMP version is limited beyond 4 CPUs. so, have anyone tested beyond 4 CPUs and anyone know if this issue will be resolve in v9.4?

michael barkhudarov January 14, 2009 11:43

Re: SMP Scaling Capabilities

It is becoming common to run on 8 processors, scaling is reasonable, but not outstanding, factor of 3-4 at best. The scaling is sensitive to the physical and numerical models selections, mesh size and dimension.

No dramatic improvement is expected in 9.4, but work is under way to extend SMP scaling beyond 8 threads.


CK January 14, 2009 23:03

Re: SMP Scaling Capabilities
Michael Noticed GMO only allow to run in serial processing thus not able to fully utilize the SMP feature. so, will it still speed up if run at 4 cores?

michael barkhudarov January 16, 2009 01:49

Re: SMP Scaling Capabilities
You are right, the GMO model is still largely serial, but combined with the parallelized fluids solver, should still scale. Most part of the fluid motion solution have been parallelized.


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