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Jochen January 12, 2009 12:11

Streamline definition

is it possible to make the Streamline Function in Flow3D more comfortable for the user? I don't want to define each point for the start of a streamline, because this take a lot of time. In my opinion it would be more comfortable that the user has the ability to define that he wants for example 100, 200 or more streamlines automatically from one mesh side, from a baffle which is a flux surface or from boundary condition like an inlet definition at internal flows.

Is it possible to programm this feature in a version 9.4 or as a patch update???

Best Regards, Jochen

AC January 26, 2009 13:16

Re: Streamline definition
Good suggestion I will forward it to --AC

CK January 29, 2009 02:30

Re: Streamline definition
This is actually one of the improvement request that i plan to submit to flow-3d. but i believe it would be great if we as users can gather all improvement/enhancement request so they know those request are important and put priority accordingly.

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