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ehsan January 16, 2009 07:51

void region and itb=0
I need to simulate heat transfer in the system that don't have free surface and else i need to using void region. but with using itb=0 the void region will be full of fluid.

what should i do?


ehsan January 24, 2009 13:54

Re: void region and itb=0
My question have not answer?

HC January 26, 2009 12:53

Re: void region and itb=0
If there are fluid and void regions in the domain, it should NOT be set with the option "No free surface".

If the system is totally empty, meaning there is no fluid but void regions, you may still need to use the option "Free surface or sharp interface". As for the initial condition in this case, please just set the void regions and their types.

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