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Tiedingg March 6, 2009 04:21

about non-inertial frame
Recently,I have been using Flow3d to simulate liquid sloshing ,while encounted with the following problems.Firstly, is it necessary for one to set initial attitude(like Euler Angles or Quaternions ) of body-fixed frame with reference to inertial frame? if so ,how? Secondly, if I only set (initial ) gravity in "Gravity Field",not "Gravity", as suggested to me by MC last time (I really appreciated your suggestions,MC),Flow3d would tell me that "VLIN"(initial volume of liquid) can't be set for "gravity is zero". I am really puzzled and come here to seek help.Thank you so much.

Tiedingg :)

HC March 6, 2009 16:30

Re: about non-inertial frame
About the 2nd question, you can try deactivating the non-inertial frame model first and setting the gravity in the normal way. That way, with the given initial volume, you can obtain the elevation of free surface from the preprocessor results. Then, switch back to non-inertial frame model with initial fluid height specified.

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