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Khalid Rahman March 8, 2009 23:51

Post Processing (droplet volume calculation)

i am new at using flow3d. I am trying to simulate droplet generation, but how getting difficulties in calculating the droplet volume or dia.



MC March 9, 2009 11:18

Re: Post Processing (droplet volume calculation)
Hi~ What do you mean you are getting difficulties calculating droplet volume or diameter? MC

Khalid Rahman March 12, 2009 02:45

Re: Post Processing (droplet volume calculation)
I am trying to calculate the droplet diameter.. my question or the volume of droplet, I am simulating the droplet generation in 2D.

MC March 13, 2009 14:57

Re: Post Processing (droplet volume calculation)
Hi~ One thing you can do is increase the number of tick marks in the scale to help estimate the diameter. To this you would first need to render your simulation in 2-D then go to the custom tab select flsinp.tmp from the drop-down menu within &control add nxlab or nylab or nzlab depending on the axis set that equal to the number of tick marks


iconv= 0, icgs= -1, icgso= 2, NXLAB=7,

xea(001)=-1.00000E-11, yea(001)=-1.00000E-11, zea(001)=-1.00000E-11, / MC

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