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Alex March 10, 2009 12:29

How to model an open channel junction
I am trying to model a supercritical open channel junction at a cofluence angle of 60 deg. Is there a way to create a second mesh for the lateral and rotate it 60 deg?

Thanks a lot!

MC March 10, 2009 15:45

Re: How to model an open channel junction
Hi~ FLOW-3D(R) meshes are structured and cannot be rotated. You can rotate geometry or change gravity to compensate for this. I do not believe that this is what you want. Keep in mind that FLOW-3D(R) uses unstructured allocation so if there is no heat transfer in a solid then no calculations will be done in the solid. You can see this when you preprocess there is an active amount of cells and inactive amount of cells. What this can do for you is you can create a solid and then remove the channel section so the computation won't be so intensive. MC

Alex March 10, 2009 16:44

Re: How to model an open channel junction
MC thanks a lot for your help. If i understand correctly you suggest that i create a huge block mesh then create a solid covering the whole mesh and then import an stl with the channel section to create a hole in the previous solid.

The only thing i cannot understand is how to assign inlet boundary conditions for the lateral channel that won't lie on any block mesh face (assuming the main channel is along the X axis).

Thanks again


MC March 10, 2009 17:05

Re: How to model an open channel junction
Not a problem. Not quite sure what you mean. You can use a volumetric flow rate and assign it a flow-direction along with limiting the height by applying a height at that boundary. MC

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