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coolyihao March 16, 2009 12:48

Marine current turbine (meshing and stimulation help needed!!)
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1) How to do a good meshing for this turbine I had uploaded? The turbine blade is rotating and the brick region consider as seewater. so, the purpose is to study the flow volume around the turbine only.. Be4 that i use volume meshing to do that but i faced alot of problems such as high skewed element >0.97 and sometimes i got negative volume..

2) Besides that, Im also facing a problem creating a source code of the inlet velocity inside Fluent. At the inlet velocity, i need to create a UDF regarding the pressure. cuz when the depth of seawater increase, pressure increase as well .The formula is P = 101325 + 1000y (y = depth). yet i still dont how to write a source code in this 3D problem..


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