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a.etesam March 21, 2009 00:42

Mesh Blocks
In my project i used 2 mesh blocks but in preprocess i saw a warning: open area mismatch at inter-block boundaries of all blocks
as % of total open area at these mesh boundaries = 6.05866E-01
What does it mean? and in final I can just see 1 mesh block!!!!
What should to do? any body can help me? Thanks:confused:

H.C March 21, 2009 22:01

The preprocessor will first try to locate the boundaries where the two adjacent mesh blocks connect, calculate the open areas in each mesh block at that boundary and compare the values. If there is different between the two values, a non-zero area difference will be printed out. The printout value is equal to the area difference divided by the maximum calculated area at the inter-block boundaries.

When there is a mismatch, numerical interpolation would be performed at that boundary to convey the data between the two mesh blocks. To reduce the area difference, users should always introduce fixed points between the two adjacent mesh blocks, so that the grid lines would be aligned at the inter-block boundaries. Please keep the cell size ratio between the mesh blocks below 2, and avoid having the inter-block boundaries at the locations where rapid changes take place.

To display both mesh blocks when postprocessing, you need to click the Mesh Block button at the bottom right corner under the Analyze tab and choose the mesh block(s) you want to view.

a.etesam March 22, 2009 01:00

Mesh Blocks
With your help Dear H.C now i know that what should i do. thank you very much for your care:)

panda March 31, 2009 20:11

It seems this warning message will not prevent you from running the simulation

a.etesam April 1, 2009 05:21

Hi Panda
Thanks for your care buddy:)

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