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ekh95 March 27, 2009 18:25

3D bubble model
I am working on creating a thermal bubble to simulate an inkjet. So far, 2D model worked OK. However, I couldn't generate a bubble for 3D models. Is Flow3D capable for this purpose? All examples I have are axisymmetric 2D cases. Is there any tip about this?


H.C March 28, 2009 01:28

what did u mean by u couldn't get a 3d thermal bubble?

ekh95 March 31, 2009 20:56

Now, I can model a thermal bubble in 3 D structures. For a bubble jet, I am still curious about what are the proper boundary conditions for the interface between the nozzle mesh and the bottom of the mesh (symmetry ??) which defines a drop path and the drop exit of the mesh (pressure or continuity)?


melissa April 1, 2009 11:32

If there is going to be no affects to the flow from the boundary then symmetry would be fine along the path and I would suggest using a pressure for the exit since it is more realistic.:D

ekh95 April 29, 2009 19:09

accommodation coefficient
In the bubble model, there is an accommodation coefficient. How can I get it for water vapor on wafer surface? Two models which I saw used 0.05 for this. Is it typical?


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