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a.etesam April 9, 2009 13:42

Hi to evry body
in F3D 9.0 in analyze tab in 2D does Rubber Band area work? How does it work. I want to see the vectors in 2D clearly. is that possible?;):)

melissa April 9, 2009 17:42

From the display you should be able to check the box then use the mouse click and drag to opposite corner then you can output the file as a bmt and it will only output the selected region. If you want to you can make your velocity vectors larger by selecting format in 2-D panel and resize them. Hope this helps. :D

a.etesam April 10, 2009 01:41

Hi melissa
Thank you very much i try to reach to that i want. but i have a qustion in F3D 8.2 Savage & Bruce could compute the discharge. yet i really dont know that how can i find the discharge.Thank you so much melissa:)

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