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ck5285 April 21, 2009 04:48

Batch Job Runing under Linux Environment
Is anyone know how to run F3D in batch job mode under Linux environment? :)

H.C April 21, 2009 13:11

#! /bin/sh
cd simulation_directory1
cd simulation_directory1

not sure if its what you want. btw, if you r using v9.3.x, you can put all simulations in a workspace and then simulate the workspace. the simulations will be launched one at a time in the order.

ck5285 April 21, 2009 21:58

yes this is what i'm looking for, but what file format that i should write this command? bat or dat? i'm using v9.3.1 but would like to run job in netbatch processing.

H.C April 22, 2009 10:35

it should be just in text format, as it is a script. you can create it by using either vi or some other text editor.

After the file is written correctly, type in "chmod u+x filename" to make the file executable.

ck5285 April 22, 2009 21:15

some clarification as below.
1. it should be simulation_directory1 & simulation_directory2 right?
2. btw what is #!/bin/sh command stand for? it is F3D program command?
3. This command when put in text editor it don't necessary to be the same folder/directory as the model directory right?

#! /bin/sh
cd simulation_directory1
cd simulation_directory1 (should be simulation_directory2 right?)

H.C April 22, 2009 21:29

1. yes, they should be different simulation directories.
2. it is not a flow3d command. it is the shell command normally included in the linux distribution.
3. no. you can save it anywhere you may.

ck5285 April 22, 2009 23:44

thanks and if i run in bath mode can i still change the solver option through PEEK program?

MuxaB April 23, 2009 09:07

9.3 has a script provided for running batch jobs. The script is call runbatch and located in the local directory in $F3D_HOME. The Manual describes how to use it. You create a text file with the paths to all the prepin files, relative or absolute - one prepin per line, then run

> runbatch <file>

It will run all the jobs sequentially.


H.C April 23, 2009 10:46

i am not sure if you can change the runtime options by using peek program. but you can try creating/modifying hd3opt file and create a text file named "HYdr3D_SIgnAL.dat" and put the number 8 in it.

ck5285 April 28, 2009 20:47

HC and Michael
Thanks for the info. :)

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