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ekh95 April 21, 2009 19:47

memory error
I got an insufficient memory error when I used a fine mesh size. Do I need to add an additional memory? Or, there is another solution. Thank you.


H.C April 22, 2009 10:39

if you use 32bit systems, the maximum supported memory size in the operating system would be about 3G. You may upgrade to 64bit operating systems, and add more memory chips.

another solution you may try is to use single precision instead of double precision.

or you may look at the simulation and figure out if you need to solve the whole domain in one run. depending on your case, you may solve only part of the domain in a first simulation, and do another restart from there, and maybe more restarts afterwards.

ekh95 April 29, 2009 19:03


Thank you.


feldy77 April 8, 2011 23:05

insufficient memory error during fluentmeshtofoam conversion
Hi everybody,
I have a conceptual problem. I want to perform large memory simmulation on 32 bit 8 core machine. Namely my problem consumes about 5 Gb memory. If I run it in parallel on 8 processors then each processorwill consume less then 1Gb 32 byte system is not an issue. But before this I have to create my mesh by running fluentmeshtofoam utility. And when I try to do it sequentially I got a memory error. I think this bottleneck will appear also on 64 bit machine if the mesh converting process will demand more operative memory than I have. Can I somehow tell to the program to use swap? Can I run the meshconversion in parallel?
Thank you

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