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atulverma April 26, 2009 16:36

Pressurizing Incompressible Fluid
I am trying to pressurize fluid(Incompressible) in a piston cylinder arrangement using the Coupled Motion option of Flow3d but the fluid is automatically compressed and the piston moves down as such the fluid is compressible.
Is there any other way to pressurize the fluid as I want to see feeding of shrinkage(during solidification)?
Atul Verma

MuxaB April 26, 2009 22:47

The only way to do it is to 1. use the Dynamic shrinkage model, where all flow equations are solved, and 2. use a coupled-motion GMO component compressing the fluid by its own weight or under a force, rather than a prescribed velocity GMO.

Keep in mind that a GMO object does not interact with solidified metal, i.e., goes through solidified metal with no resistance, so you need to keep metal liquid in the immediate vicinity of a GMO component to get reasonable results.


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