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bhaskar May 13, 2009 13:46

For customizing Flow-3D
Hii All,
I am new to this software and I am trying to customize Flow-3D. I am going throgh the source files. There are a lot of variables declared in the comdeck folder but I am not able to know which variable does what. Therefore i am facing problem in selecting the required variable that I need to use for my specific purpose. I request you all to help me in this regard.

melissa May 14, 2009 12:31

If you go to the GUI(Graphical User Interface) Help>Contents>Search>Customization you can find all the info about the variables.

bhaskar May 14, 2009 15:57

Thank you Melissa,
I have gone through that entire search, but did not find the index for the coordinates. Can you please help me in any way in this issue.

melissa May 14, 2009 19:16

What version are you using?

bhaskar May 14, 2009 21:22

I am using version 9.3.1

melissa May 15, 2009 09:49

When you say coordinates are you referencing the cell centers? You can find all the variables in Help>Contents>customization>important variables this lists all the cell center next to cell etc.:)

bhaskar May 15, 2009 14:31

Thank you Melissa

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