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ck5285 May 28, 2009 19:38

Post-Processing Software for Flow-3D
Hi All
Has anyone tested Tecplot, Fieldview or Ensight post-processing software to analyze and post-processing F3D results? which one is more compatible with F3D and easy to learn? Inputs needed. Thanks:)

kevincolburn August 6, 2009 09:55

Post processing for Flow3D datasets
I've used EnSight to post process Flow3D datasets. EnSight has a direct reader for the FLOW3D result files. In terms of transient post processing, then I think that EnSight is very easy to navigate around in the time domain, and maintain interactive post processing. Dynamic clip planes, isosurfaces, streamlines, contours are all controlled straight from the mouse. There is a powerful generic scientific calculator in EnSight, allowing you to calculate new variables (spatially and time varying) as well as constants, integrals, differentials, etc. Complete integration with Python for scripting, tools, GUI control, etc. Being able to read in multiple cases together, or multiple cases from different solvers (FEA result, CFD result, magnetic result, etc) make comparisons very easy. EnSight's got a good keyframe animator as well, allowing high end camera control, viewer controled animations. 3D movie output as well (pan/zoom/rotate around movie while it is playing... changing part color/visibility too). Price is same/less than the others. So, all around, I'd say the best post processor for Flow3D.

jim_carson August 6, 2009 18:01

Post-Processing Software for Flow-3D
Hi, I'm Tecplot's product manager. I thought it might be helpful to point you to a case study recently published in Destkop Engineering on Earthrace, the water-piercing, biofuel-powered boat that recently set the record for circumnavigating the earth. Stefano Mascetti (XC Engineering) used FLOW-3D and Tecplot 360 to validate the ship's novel hull design.

There is a brief tutorial on using Tecplot 360 with FLOW-3D results here. Of course, if you'd like to try Tecplot on your own data, we offer an evaluation version on our web site.

ck5285 August 9, 2009 21:35

Kevin & Jim
Thanks for information sharing. :)

Ghirghidov August 12, 2009 04:47

Dear Jim.

Does Tecplot 360 support F3D v9.3 version? It replies error all the time.


jim_carson August 12, 2009 11:45


Originally Posted by Ghirghidov (Post 226036)
Dear Jim.
Does Tecplot 360 support F3D v9.3 version? It replies error all the time.

Yes. There was an "file open error 1" issue that was fixed in the 2009 (March) release.

ck5285 August 12, 2009 20:54

is tecplot that release in March compatible with Flow-3D v9.4 that will release soon?

jim_carson August 13, 2009 19:07

Yes; it reads the sample v9.4 files.

ck5285 August 18, 2009 20:51

Ensight have some many version so which one is suitable to post-processing transient data for F3D?

kevincolburn August 18, 2009 21:36

Which EnSight Flavor
EnSight comes in a few different flavors. From smallest to largest:
EnSight Lite --- for small models, mainly laptop type customers.
EnSight CFD --- New product, with a new user interface, with a set of tools/capabilities focused specifically for CFD.--- This may be for you.
EnSight Standard --- Core product. Both FEA, and CFD ready/capable. Pretty much all functions and capabilities with this one. --- This is definately worth a look for F3D data post processing.
EnSight Gold -- For distributed parallel post processing (large datasets).
EnSight DR -- Distributed rendering for very large displays, CAVES, remote rendering at high speed.

All handle transient data, and all technically can read F3D dataset just fine. Based on tools and mainstream use, I would take a look at EnSightCFD or EnSight Standard. (Both are same program, just with a different graphical front end/toolset available.
If you are looking for a new user interface, tidier CFD specific tools only, then EnSight CFD would be a good place to start (it is also cheaper). If you are looking for more well rounded capabability and the flexibility to read in multiple models (multi-physics), then EnSight Standard would be best fit.

As all of the flavors of EnSight are really the same program, just with different options turned on/off, you can switch between them with simply a license change.

ck5285 August 20, 2009 05:25

is existing version of EnSight CFD compatible with F3D v9.4 that will release soon?

kevincolburn August 20, 2009 13:55

I am not aware of any in-compatibilities with the upcoming F3D 9.4. EnSight should read these new version of F3D files just fine.

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