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Ben-Bourget June 16, 2009 11:26

How is TLEN working - Turbulence Model
Hello dear users,

here is my question,

I am currently making a free surface 3D simulation using the RNG turbulence model on v9.3.1.
I notice a great importance of the TLEN value for my results.
If I set a very low TLEN the simulation is running well and I reach a stationary state.
If I set a TLEN a little bit higher, I have a simulation that never really stabilizes, with a velocity and a pressure field changing from a time step to another.
If I set a TLEN that is high (as I firstly want to do) The simulation doesn't run because of the viscous stress condition.

Do you have any idea of how to run the simulation with a high TLEN?

I also have a second question :

If I do not specified a TLEN value, I read in Flow3D user manual that TLEN is chosen as 7% of a characteristic dimension of the flow.
What is this characteristic dimension ? How is it evaluated by Flow3D ?

Thanks for your help.

Ben :)

ck5285 June 16, 2009 20:40

I believe this is command problem in turbulent modeling by F3D. The results are much dependent on TLEN value that user specify (at least based on my experienced). So, hopefully the dependency on TLEN can be improve/remove in new version to ensure the solver is robust.

Btw, if not mistaken the 7% is based on smaller cell size in the computational domain.

Hope this help.

Ben-Bourget June 17, 2009 03:44

Default TLEN
Thanks for your answer.

I hope that the default TLEN is not related to the smallest celle size...
In the turbulence theory, TLEN is supposed to be 7% of a characteristic dimension of the geometry, that is to say much bigger than 7% of the smallest cell size.
I am thinking that the TLEN could be related to the smallest water depth or to the smallest distance between two solids.

Does someone know precisely how the default TLEN is fixed?

stefmascio June 17, 2009 10:06

the default tlen is taken as the 7% of the smallest domain dimension, that is the smallest length of the three dimensions of your mesh block. So it doesn't depend on the cell size, and the smallest domain dimension should be about of the same magnitude order of your geometries.
You can also check which tlen value is using your simulation by watching at the "runtime options", while a simulation is running.

I think in the new version the dependency from tlen will be removed.

ck5285 June 20, 2009 08:31

Really? the dependency of TLEN will be remove in new version? that's good news.

stefmascio June 22, 2009 02:40

however, as far as I know, not completely. I think there will still be tlen, but the sensitivity on the results from tlen value will be much more smaller.
FlowScience can correct me in case I'm wrong.

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