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propbala03 September 10, 2009 12:06

Rotating cylinder with liquid

I am simulating the situation, that cylinder with half filled liquid is rotating at constant speed about its own axis. I am able to simulate the problem. But i want to calculate the force and torque due to rotation. And also help me how to view in 3D plot, so that i can get better view.


MuxaB September 30, 2009 23:52


To get the force and torque on the cylinder define a force window that includes the whole cylinder. By default, a force window includes the whole domain, which is probably what you need. Just set NWINF=1 in the GRAFIC namelist and it will create the output automatically. Look for it in Probe > General history data in the GUI's Analyze tab.

Regarding a good 3D view, I am afraid, you need to experiment with it yourself; it is hard to recommend something without seeing it.


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