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pgopalak September 30, 2009 13:24

Command to render text output from each mesh block

I am automating Flow3d process on LINUX system. The steps are....
Stl files ---> flsgrf files ---> rendered text files.

1) I imported stl files into Flow3d by creating project file called prepin.XXXX.
2) Submitted Flow3d analysis files using the command runall to process

3) The output was flsgrf file.

Now I have to render this from command line (analyze tab on flow3d tool). The flsgrf file have 9-mesh blocks. What command should I issue to get rendered text output? I need to store the output text from each mech block in a separate file.

I appreciate any help.

Thanks, PG

MuxaB September 30, 2009 23:48


You will need an flsinp file for each mesh block that contains information on what and when needs to be extracted. The easiest way to create it is to do it though the GUI. After selecting the mesh block, variables and the time, and pressing Render in Analyze, save the resulting flsinp.tmp file to a file with a unique name. Do the same for all other blocks.

Now you will have nine flsinp files with the proper information for each mesh block. Now you can create a scipt that runs each of them in the following sequence:

1. copy flsinp file for mesh block 1 to flsinp.xxxx, where xxxx is the extension of the flsgrf file.
2. run runpost xxxx
3. rename flslnk.xxxx file with the text output to a unique name
4. repeat for all other flsinp files for the remaning mesh blocks

Hope it helps.


pgopalak October 1, 2009 09:10

Command to render text output from each mesh block
Michael, thanks for the reply.

I can't use GUI on my Linux station and I have to do this from command line. I know it is easy to create flsinp file using GUI. Is there a way to create this from command line or using some shell script?

MuxaB October 2, 2009 18:32


It is doable from the command line, of course, but not easy to explain here.
Do you have access to the Manual? It has the explanation of all the variables in the flsinp file. You can create a draft flsinp file using the pre-processor by asking for 2D or 3D plots in the GRAFIC namelist of the prepin file and running the pre-processor. Then you can open the newly created flsinp file and modify it to suit your needs.


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