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Ghirghidov October 6, 2009 06:30

Sediment Scour
Hi everyone.

Does anyone know how can I see river bed deformation when I make a sediment scour simulation. I just have pictures with concentration. I want to see nice pictures with river bed as I saw at F3D Web site. (F3D 9.3.1 Win x64).

Thanks a lot.

MuxaB October 7, 2009 20:37


What if you plot the iso-surface of packed sediment?


Ghirghidov October 8, 2009 02:47

Hi Mike.

Just weir with gray color.
I tried to make a few tests so what I got (Iso-Color):
FOF-Scalar 2 - I got water and colored concentration
Scalar 2-Scalar 2 - I got bottom with blue color
Packed Sed - Scalar 2 - I got gray weir and strange vertical things at right and left sides without water and bottom.

Regards, Armen

MuxaB October 8, 2009 20:26


I will try to reproduce it at the office. Are you using FLOW-3D/MP version 3.2 or SMP version 9.3?


Ghirghidov October 9, 2009 04:17

Hi Mike,

I wrote it above. F3D 9.3.1. I forgot about 3.2/MP version. I'll try to use it today.

Regards, Armen.

MuxaB October 9, 2009 09:24

Got it, thanks, Armen. I don't think FLOW3D/MP would do any better.

MuxaB October 20, 2009 00:02


FLOW-3D/MP 4.0 is almost ready to roll. You will love it. It is smooth and fast (well, faster than 3.2)!

Another question (have I asked you already?!) - there is a CFD conference in St Pete's in July next year. Are you going to be there? Shall I send you the link?


Ghirghidov October 20, 2009 03:21

Dear Mike,

I'll send you a few examples for testing. :-)

I have no idea about that conference. I think we could repeat our seminar or something. Please send me link. I hope I'll participate.

Regards, Armen

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