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ati_ros61 October 12, 2009 05:38

sediment scour model, scalars OR mass particles?
I want to model the sedimentation process in a settling tank. I will have some suspended concentration and I want to investigate the settling efficiency in the settling tank. I read the Flow-3d Help file and I see that I should use the sediment scour model, scalars and mass particles together, But Im not sure about that! :confused:
Are these models, good for my purpose or not? And also I found some parameters (e.g. IFDIS(n) and ISCTYP(n) in Namelist FL; ISCOUR1 and ISCOUR2 parameters in the SCALAR namelist) but I dont know where should I introduce these parameter in GUI.
How can specify the concentration of bed load and suspended load (separately) in initial and boundary conditions.

MuxaB October 19, 2009 23:51

Hi Atiieh,

I don't think you should be using particles; they are only good for very low concentrations of sediment. The scour model should be adequate. There is an example test problem in the directory Examples in the installation folder, called 'scour'. It has all the settings you need, including setting the initial packed bed.

In older versions of FLOW-3D you may need to enter much of the stuff into the prepin file using the text editor. Version 9.4 has a new, multi-sediment scour and bed-load transport model. Much easier to use. I hope you can get your hands on it.


Flowdy November 17, 2013 12:17

Hi everyone.
Im doing exactly what Atiieh was doing some years ago.
I have a problem because THE SEDIMENT CONCENTRATION IN THE TANK SEEMS TO INCREASE WITH NONSTOP. My theory is that just the water is flowing out of the tank but not the sediments. How can I correct that? I need that the water with their respectively concentration of sediments go out of the tank.
The BC of the outlet is volume flow rate or Specified velocity (I can do any of them). Im working with “sediment Scour model” but not with “Particles model”
Could some please help me?

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