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ati_ros61 October 12, 2009 05:41

sediment scour model, scalars OR mass particles?
Hi dear Sirs

I want to model the sedimentation process in a settling tank. I will have some suspended concentration and I want to investigate the settling efficiency in the settling tank. I read the Flow-3d Help file in I see that I should use the sediment scour model, scalars and mass particles together, But Iím not sure about that! :confused:
Are these models good for my purpose or not? And also I found some parameters (e.g. IFDIS(n) and ISCTYP(n) in Namelist FL; ISCOUR1 and ISCOUR2 parameters in the SCALAR namelist) but I donít know where should I introduce these parameter in GUI.
How can specify the concentration of bed load and suspended load (separately) in initial and boundary conditions.

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