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ehsanfareed November 25, 2009 06:52

Help needed in 3D multiphase micro model
Hi All,
I have a T shape (3D) micro channel, from the left air enters and from below water enters (both are velocity inlets), the flow is laminar, time unsteady, VOF model. I want to see the mixing effect of air and water at the T junction. It is supposed to be a bubble formation at the junction and the bubble is then carried away with the air flow to the outlet (pressure outlet).

But what I get is that water level starts to rise in the channel and there is no mixing effect or bubble formation, I get a clear phase boundary between air and water, you can see the picture.

I dont know what is the problem, Also I want to use PTFE as a wall material to see its effect on the water as it is a hydrophobic material, but I am unable to define a User Define Material Database for PTFE. Also I want to know that which property of PTFE should be given which defines its hydrophobic character.

Please help me in the above 2 problems I am having regarding the mixing effect and the PTFE material, I shall be thankful to you.

Ehsan Fareed

MuxaB November 29, 2009 20:07


Looks like you are using Fluent for this problem? You should probably post your question on the Fluent forum.


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