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ati_ros61 December 4, 2009 00:50

particles model
Dear experts
I want to use the particles model. I want to add particle in the inlet after becoming steady the calculation. The particles will be injected into the computational domain in 100 seconds only.
The simple model without particle model was simulated. when the simulation is steady, I restarted model for adding particles. but I do not know how can I define the duration of injecting particles? I defined the maximum number of particle as 10,000 and rate of generation of particle is 100 per second, that after 100s we will have 10,000 particles in the domain. Some of the particles will remove from outlet, and total number of particles in domain will less than 10000 and then Flow3d will generate new particles, but I do not want generation of particles after 100 seconds:(.
Can I restart the model for three times or not?
How can I define, stop generation of particles after 100 seconds?


MuxaB December 5, 2009 14:22

The rate can be defined as a function of time in a tabular manner, I think, since version 9.3. The input variable is ratet for the rate and tms (I think) for the time.

Do you use the gui or edit prepin directly to set it up?


ati_ros61 December 5, 2009 22:46

Dear micheal,
I use the older version and I make the input file in GUI.


MuxaB December 6, 2009 17:03


Originally Posted by ati_ros61 (Post 238848)
Dear micheal,
I use the older version and I make the input file in GUI.


I don't think pre 9.3 version has a time dependent particle source rate. You can check with the Manual to make sure.


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