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therockyy February 10, 2010 17:12

Create new simulations in Flow-3D v9.4
Dear experts,

I used to use Flow-3D v9.3. Last week we got new version, say v9.4. But I cannot create a new simulation in v9.4 since it always reports that there is no mesh block inside so changes cannot be saved.

I also got a problem on displaying the results I simulated previously in v9.3. There is dislocation between the flow and the particles which should be in the flow. When I wanted to analyse the results, using 'Probe', I chose 'Graphics' , and then clicked 'render'. The letters on the picture cannot be displayed and were represented by squares.

Have you met these problems?


MuxaB February 26, 2010 10:33

are you using the 9.4 gui with the 9.4 solver? make sure you are not accidentally using the 9.3 gui.

not sure about the display problem. have you contacted support?

therockyy February 26, 2010 11:06

How can I know the version of GUI and sovler I am using in Flow-3D?


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