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frankyd May 4, 2010 14:25

How to estimate time to complete simulation.
Is there a way to estimate how long Flow-3D will take to run?

Items that are always the same include ...
Linux OS, 4 Gb ram
Quad core machine. (set OMP_NUM_THREADS="4")

Items that vary ...
Number of time steps
Number of cells in X, Y, and Z

My assumptions are ...
1.) Doubleing the number of time steps should double the run time.
2.) Double the cells in X, Y and Z and it should take 2^3 or 8 times longer.

It seems like my second assumption is terribly incorrect.


Frank D.

MuxaB May 5, 2010 00:02

this is all very approximate, but typically, if the time step is controlled by convection, i.e, dx/U, then doubling the number of cells in all three directions will increase the run time by 2x2x2x2=16 times since the time step will also be cut in half.

If you have transient free surface then it makes the estimate more complicated because the time step can vary a lot during simulation due to the wave movement and splashing, plus the domain occupied with fluid (as opposed to void) and hence the amount of computational work may also vary with time.

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