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alefem May 25, 2010 15:22

About Cooling channel
Hello, all.

I am trying to simulate a casting process with a cooling channel.
the geometry is simple, rectangular mould with a cylinder cavity, and a cooling channel is set outside of the cavity.

The mould is set as "solid", the cylinder cavity and cooling channel are set as "hole". Then I add a "void point" in "Model setup->initial" with constent temperature as illustrated in the manual, and the the coordinate of the void point is inside of the cooling channel.
However, the results show that the cooling effect is applied on the cylinder cavity, not on the cooling channel! which can be found through iso surface "conplement of fluid fraction".
I have tried to change the coordinate of the void point along the cooling channel, but the effect is same.

If there anyone familar with similar problem, please help me!

FYI, the input file is as follows,

This is a sample input file
remark='units are ...',
ifenrg=2, iwsh=0, ihtc=2,
iedt=2, pltfrc=0.05,
rhofs=2680., cv1=1194., cvs1=963., thc1=116.8,
thcs1=152., clht1=3.89e+05, ts1=539.6, tl1=615.9,
tniyam=-1., tsdrg=1., mui=0., mu1=0.0012,
muc00=0., muc0=1., muc1=0., muc2=0.,
muc3=0., muc4=0., mutmp1=0., mutmp2=0.,
mutmp3=1., muthk=0., muthn0=0., muthn1=0.,
teut=0., cexf1=0., cstar=0., dratio=0.,
pcoef=0., fluid1='Aluminum Alloy A357', units='SI',
wl=2, wr=2, wf=2, wbk=2,
wb=2, wt=5, pbct(1,6)=243.7, tbct(1,6)=620.,
tbct(1,1)=294., hwall1(1)=0., hwall2(1)=0.,
tbct(1,2)=294., tbct(1,3)=294., tbct(1,4)=294., tbct(1,5)=294.,
nxcelt=35, px(2)=0.8,
nzcelt=40, pz(2)=1.5,
px(1)=-0.8, py(1)=-0.8, py(2)=0.8, pz(1)=-0.4,
iob(2)=1, ioh(2)=1, xl(2)=-0.8, xh(2)=0.8,
yl(2)=-0.8, yh(2)=0.8, zl(2)=-0.4, zh(2)=1.5,
magnx(2)=1., magny(2)=1., magnz(2)=1.,
subcmpid(2)='Rectanguar', material(1)='Steel H-13', twobs(1,1)=294.,
kobs(1)=28.6, rcobs(1)=3.5618e+06, hobs1(1)=20000., hobs2(1)=-1.,
obsid(1)='Moud and cavity',
subcmpid(3)='Cylinder', iob(3)=1, ioh(3)=0, zl(3)=0.,
zh(3)=1.5, rah(3)=0.4, magn(3)=1., magnx(3)=1.,
magny(3)=1., magnz(3)=1., rotx(3)=0., roty(3)=0.,
rotz(3)=0., trnx(3)=0., trny(3)=0., trnz(3)=0.,
hobv1(1)=928.6, hobv2(1)=0., hobv3(1)=0.,
iob(6)=1, ioh(6)=0, cc(6)=0.201875,
crxy(6)=-0.9, cx2(6)=1.0, cy2(6)=1.0, cz2(6)=1.0,
magn(6)=1., magnx(6)=1., magny(6)=1., magnz(6)=1.,
rotx(6)=0., roty(6)=0., rotz(6)=0., trnx(6)=0.,
trny(6)=0., trnz(6)=0.75,
xvr(1)=0., yvr(1)=0.45, zvr(1)=0.75,
tvrd(1)=1., ivht(1)=1,
PROJECT='Copy of Rectangular',

Documentation: general comments, background, expectations, etc.

#start tables:
#end start tables

alefem May 28, 2010 11:15

It is so strange, I just build a new workspace and do it again exactly like abbove, the cooling channel works!

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