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shstyle0 June 9, 2010 03:26

modeling the shot sleeve
Dear all,

I'm trying to model the shot sleeve for HPDC.
I modeled the shot sleeve by making a cylinder and importing it as complement. then I made another cylinder as solid so I can model the plunger. Then I made the plunger as moving object and specified a z-axis velocity.
I also set up the initial value so that half of the sleeve is filled with a380 with 0 velocity.

Then I ran the simulation but the plunger seems not moving at all.

Can anyone explain in detail how I should model the plunger?

Thank you very much!!


otd June 9, 2010 09:27

What is HPDC? What is a "short sleeve"? What is "a380"?

Can you post a sketch and describe, in general terms, what it is you're trying to simulate?

Perhaps then someone can make suggestions for you.

shstyle0 June 10, 2010 01:27

Problem solved. I modeled the plunger and sleeve and made the sleeve as a complement, and I think the plunger stuck in the outside of the sleeve that was modeled as a solid(cause I made the sleeve model as a complement).
Anyway, I made the sleeve a bit longer and made the plunger short and put it inside the sleeve void, and it works now.

Thank you anyway.

And HPDC( high pressure die casting)

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