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jfasl September 20, 2010 13:06

Question - modeling natural convection
I'm trying to simulate air cooling by natural convection after pouring, I set a void pointer in the middle of space and set the "heat transfer to voids" tab in the fluid and solid to be something like 10 W/m^2K. Is this the correct way to do it or is it more complicated?

Also, if it does fall under that category, when the heat transfers to the void does it for all intents and purposes then "dissappear" into the air or is it still being tracked, and therefore I would need to set some sort of outflow boundary to get rid of it completely? Thanks!

MuxaB September 26, 2010 16:08

yes, this is the way to do it. each void involved in heat transfer is defined with a pointer, h/t type, h/t coefficient and temperature.

The heat going in and out of a void is 'lost' so no need for additional boundary conditions. The void temperature is a mold boundary condition by itself.

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