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oky November 23, 2010 00:14

Inertial and Viscous Resistance
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Hi all,

I have problem, haw to caculate the viscous and inertial resistance ?

Condition :
Laminar, 3D flow, incompresible, fluid pass porous media is air, material of porous media is Limestone [dolomite], and porous media as cell zone.

Thank you for your help.;);)

JBurnham November 23, 2010 12:37

Flow in porous media uses three parameters that describe the permeability and drag in the porous media: porosity, adrg, and bdrg (OPOR, OADRG, and OBDRG for individual components). Depending on the porous drag model you select, the ADRG and BDRG coefficients have different units and meanings. For instance, if using the Reynolds-number dependent drag model, then ADRG is a coefficient related to the viscous drag term, and BDRG is related to the quadratic drag term. The User Manual includes explanations of the equations: try searching for 'porous media'. You'll probably need to curve-fit experimental data to the equations, and watch out for the difference between macroscopic and microscopic (pore) velocity: it's not all that clear in the manual.

oky November 24, 2010 02:46


Would you give some example ?

Oky Andytya

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