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great1427 November 25, 2010 23:01

particle model

I use the particle with FLOW-3D v9.4.

In the text output, I choose the particles this option.

And then I can see the data, however,

I don't understand what is mean about xp,yp,zp,vp,up,wp, and psiz.

Do the xp,yp,and zp are mean loction?

Do the vp,up,and wp are mean velocity?

By the way, does the drift-flux model use the fully Navier-Stoke equation?

MuxaB November 30, 2010 00:45

xp, yp and zp are particle instantaneous coordinates, and up, vp, wp are the velocity components, psiz is either particle size or density, depending on the option chosen during setup.

The drift-flux model uses the full Navier-Stokes for the mixture and a reduced, drift-flux approximation for the relative motion, where inertial terms are neglected.

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