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therockyy December 2, 2010 07:13

Question about "Domain removing component"
Dear all,

If I use a solid component containing a hole with specific geometry to create a mould and use a mesh block containing the mould, are the meshes outside the hole but in the solid component activated in simulation? What's the difference between this kind of cells and the cells in the domain removing component?

I feel the mesh in the wall (solid component) is still activated since it can be used to calculate the temperature gradient and it also can be viewed. But the mesh in the domain removing component seems be removed and only leave a void there.

So, if I run a simulation on fill a mould and I only care about the flow (no temperature,etc.), do I need to use domain removing component to remove the wall between the mould cavity?



stefmascio December 22, 2010 11:58

dear Yang,
the cells inside the mould will be deactivated by a solid only if you don't use the "Full Energy Equation" calculation (IHTC=2), otherwise all of them will be active to solve the heat conduction inside the mould.

With 9.4 version (I don't remeber 9.3) you can also set the "Thermal penetration depth" property for your component: that creates an offset of your hole and keeps active only the cells inside the offset, while deactivating all the rest (even with IHTC=2). This is usually very helpfull to reduce the active cell and keep the full energy equation on!

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