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Davahue January 17, 2011 15:50

fluid region in Restart simulation
Hello everybody,
I'm simulating with restart data, but I want to incorporate a new fluid region.
I incorporate it to my simulation, in fact, I can see it in the previsualization.. But when I simulate, it desappears!
What should I do?
thanks in advide,
hope you can help me

JBurnham January 18, 2011 13:46

There isn't currently a way to add a fluid region to a restart simulation, as the restart option turns off everything set on the Initial tab and fills all cells with values from the restart output file. Adding the functionality to add fluid regions is being looked at for future versions of the software.

Davahue January 18, 2011 17:08

Thanks Jeff,
I thought there was something wrong in my proceedings

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