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aminurrashid January 25, 2011 11:54

How to model infiltration within permeable pavement?
Hello everyone

How to model infiltration within in permeable pavement with 4 different layers of porosity? Ive select porosity, gravity and density button at main page. Is there any other options and suggestions?


JBurnham January 25, 2011 12:34

Create the permeable pavement layers as FLOW-3D primitives (boxes) on the Meshing and Geometry tabs, with each layer subcomponent assigned to a separate component. Assign each component a different set of OADRG and OBDRG porous drag coefficients, as well as a different OPOR porosity value between zero and one. OADRG and OBDRG are model-dependent, and the values of these will be determined by the pavement properties and the porous drag model selected: either unsaturated or 'Reynolds-number dependent' saturated models are recommended. You should also assign a capillary pressure to OPCAP to each component, and if using the unsaturated model, filling/draining curve exponents OPEXP (in the prepin file). Review the 'How Do I Model... Porous Media' manual sections for the governing equations.

The soil below the permeable pavement should be modeled with unsaturated flow. The pavement itself could be modeled with either saturated (a reasonable simplification) or unsaturated flow.

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