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gxwdaq February 28, 2011 11:00

how to set joints in flow3d
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Hi, Everyone

I am using flow3d 9.3 and new to flow3d, now I want to know how to set joints in flow3d. See the picture, there are two bars and one connect to the base and the other one connect to the former one with joint B, can you tell me how to set joint B in flow3d, thank u!

MuxaB March 12, 2011 18:45

Joints cannot be directly modeled in FLOW-3D, but in 9.4 (sorry, not 9.3), there is a model for springs that can connect two moving objects. Joint B could be modeled as a short stiff spring.

Joint A could be modeled by making the GMO of type 'fixed axis rotation'.

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