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Chande March 24, 2011 04:38

Installation problem for 64-bits system
Flow3d could run well when my computer system was 32-bits. However, after i changed the system to 64-bits, it said "abnormal exit from preprocessor" when i try to preprocess a simulation.
Is it the problem of the computer system, what should i do now?
By the way, i have installed the "visual studio 2010"&"Intel Fortran 11", which are the requirements for 64-bits system.

ignatz March 27, 2011 17:59

Who is your distributor, and have you contacted them for help? A solution is out your distributor for help. If they don't know, Flow Science will help them.
BTW, you do not need either the compiler or Vis Studio for straight-forward running of FLOW-3D...only if you want to customize any of the subroutines.

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