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jfasl March 30, 2011 18:18

Fluid/Object Heat Transfer
I'm trying to model some castings of fluidity spirals and match to some experimental data but have been running into issues with the heat transfer. I'm well aware that the value of the Heat Transfer Coefficient is probably the most important parameter in such a model and this parameter could be highly variable in such a casting. I read through the manual a bit about the HTC but was still very confused about how FLOW-3D goes about calculating the fluid-structure heat transfer given the value I enter for the coefficient. It seemed to me that the value I entered was not the value it actually used and that the actual value was dependent on some other parameters thus creating an "effective heat transfer coefficient." I was wondering if anyone could explain this a bit better concerning the actual calculation going on, and if possible is there a way to bypass this and have the program use the value I input as the HTC for evaluating the fluid/structure heat transfer? Thanks.

cheerlapraveenkumar April 5, 2011 00:33

cfd analysis of heat transfer in a tube with inserts
in my fluent is giving floating point error,after some iterations...what is the reason?

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