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ava July 2, 2011 09:19

limit in meshing and about restart
i have 2 question
1)is there limitation in mesh size ratio in directions of x,y,z????
2)can i stop the simulation of model and for example after 2 day continue the simulation of it?
what options in flow3d can do it?restart or another option?
please give a coplete explain about restart in flow3d

Mjoelnir July 5, 2011 09:00

1) if you mean the size of the then, there is no limit.

if you mean the ratio of the length in each direction(how stretched the cells are) then i got no answer for you but the solver produce the best result with cubic cells

2) you can only continue a simulation with a restart simulation. Just look in the manual (press f1) it is explained pretty good

ava July 6, 2011 00:46

Thank you very much.
may i have your ID for any question about this?

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