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satellite_control August 4, 2011 00:31

Output velocity magnitude

Flow 3D shows velocity magnitude when I analyze in 2D.
But when I try to make a Text output of the velocity magnitude data, I can just find x-velocity, y-velocity and z-velocity.

where can I find the velocity magnitude data to export it?

Should I change my settings in Model-Setup->Output?
My configurations are:
Restart data and history data and hydraulic data.
There is no klick on selected data.

Thank you for your help!

MuxaB November 30, 2011 20:07

Velocity magnitude is not explicitly saved into the FLOW-3D data file. It is computed by the post-processor, so it is a derived quantity.

Text output does not have that option, but you can try the following:

1. create a 2d or 3d plot using velocity magnitude as the color variable.
2. after rendering, go back to Analyze and select Custom tab.
3. pick the file flsinp.tmp from the drop-down menu at the top and change the value of omode to -1.
4. click Render and select text for the output. It should pipe all quantities to a text window. I think (!) it should convert velocities to the magnitude.

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