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quemmo September 27, 2011 11:07

Convective flux exceed limit warning
Hello everyone !

I am studying flows in fuel tank pipes. I already ran smulations with several pipe designs, and the simulation went well, no warnings and errors. Moreover, the simulations represented quite well the reality. But, i have got problems with other pipe designs. As soon as i run the simulations, i have a convective flux exceed limit warning. And the simulations don't represent the reality at all. Yet, i use the same parameters, the same blocks meshes, the same boundary conditions...The designs change a little bit : the nozzle slopes more than the previous.

So here is my question : can a convective flux exceed limit warning modify the flow significantly ?


JBurnham October 5, 2011 11:57

No, convective flux warnings only alert you that the time step is being reduced, and the cycle runs again. Convective flux warnings do not affect accuracy. There's probably something else going on.

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