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satellite_control October 6, 2011 09:04

Force Window and sloshing mass

I am simulating sloshing in cylindrical tanks with FLOW3D.
The oscillation is linear in x-direction. I have saved the forces in x-direction with Force Window and want to calculate the mass which is sloshing in the container and making the force on the tank wall.
I have also the linear acceleration, but my calculated mass is higher then the total fluid mass in the container.

Here the data:

Force: F=3,3N
linear acceleration a=0,154 m/s^2
calculated mass= 21,42 kg

total mass in container= 9,2 kg

The calculated sloshing mass is higher then the total mass, thats impossible.

I need help.

Does anybody knows where my mistake is?

Thank you so much.

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