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kavanaa1 January 29, 2012 18:59

Meshing & Geometry - issue with inner hollow tube rendering
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Hi All,

I have a mould that contains a hollow ceramic tube inside into which metal fills from a funnel. When the metal exits the bottom of the tube it hits the bottom of the mould before reversing direction and filling up some cavities/castings attached to the mould wall. When I set the mould and funnel as a hole inside a solid cube and the ceramic tube as a solid in a separate component, the bottom of the funnel goes missing and the metal just spills into the mould, not via the ceramic tube. I've attached an image I hope explains the issue a bit more.

Can anyone suggest how I can achieve the metal filling the mould via the ceramic tube by being connected to the funnel.

Thanks a lot

melissa November 27, 2012 17:02

So the geometry is all boolean based-
So if you have a solid and subtract is will subtract that entire geometry from the solid.

Here is my suggestion:
Subtract the tube from solid mold along with cavity and overflows
Then as a new component add the tube back in.

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