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helamaaloul February 2, 2012 09:52

can I model a pump on FLOW-3D ?
I'm trying to model a small pool (1m* 0.46m*0.2m) with a closed circuit and a pump. But when I use a mass momentum sources to model the pump I realize an increase of the total quantity of water initially mentioned (because it generates a water flow) but what I want is to stabilize water level in the pool. How can I do that ?

JBurnham February 8, 2012 18:39

Use the 'fan and impeller' model. It's a type of phantom component that adds momentum to the fluid passing through it, and drops the pressure following a user-specified (linear approximation) pump curve. You can also add blade effects and other dynamics, but even the simplest form of it will do the job for moving liquid around a pumping system. It's described in the User Manual.

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